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In recent years I've performed at venues around Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, UK) in genres such as: Funk Rock, Blues, Rock, Hybrid-Progressive Folk, Electro- and Pop.

Since relocating to the UK in 2016, I've had the pleasure to work with UK artists on developing drum parts for their tracks. I especially enjoy the tasty challenge when they're expanding their - so far solo accoustic - set to a full band set up. A vitilising experience! I'm all about valuing pre-existing ideas, experimenting, exchanging, and getting as close as possible to what they're aiming for. Even if that involves a tonne of practicing!


Parallel to this I'm always on the lookout for joining  Theatre productions. And so  I grabbed the opportunity to take on the percussion and/or drum chair on:


- Italia Conti (2017) "Love Me Tinder", Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking

- Performance Preparation Academy (2019) "Zorba!" &  "Zorro", Eve Lyons Theatre, Guildford

- Filippos Zarfeiadis (2019) "The Thorn of Acacia", White Bear Theatre, London

- Swiss Animation Festival (2019) "Fantoche", Hotel Trafo, Baden/Switzerland

- GSA (2020) "Oklahoma" (deputy), Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

- TRW Summer School (2020) "Oliver!", Windsor Royal Theatre, Windsor


These sessions have enabled me to work with inspiring crews and Musical Directors such as:

Brady Mould, Kevin Oliver Jones, Nathan Dawe and Dimitra Bakalgianni.

I simply LOVE the challenge of preparing for theatre productions and staying flexible for tweeks and adjustments to the scores!

Cherry T Drummer_female_drummer_UK.jpg

Next to these projects, I travel around East London providing creative music sessions with Drum Works (Barbican), offer 1:1 drum lessons to students of all ages for both The School of Drumming (Woking) and Music Works (Surrey).

I've lived in the UK now since 2016 and haven't regretted my decision yet! I completed my BA(Hons) degree in Music Industry Practice & Performance in 2018 at The Academy of Contemporary Music, where I met some wonderful musicians who I'd later work and perform with, and had the opportunity to receive education from tutors such as Pete Riley (Republica, Guthrie Govan), Toby Drummond (Jersey Boys, Chicago, Lion King, Billy Elliot) and Andrew Small (Kylie, Massive Attack) and Jon Duff (Rhythm Magazine).

In my home town Zurich, Switzerland, I was coached by  Andy Brugger (Professor at Zürich University of Arts 'ZHdK') and Felix Perret (Musik Konservatorium Zurich, MKZ) in preparation for my leap across the channel.

Very grateful for all the opportunities and support, and won't be heading "home home" any time soon!

Photos by: Rob Blackham

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