"She is a highly motivated and conscientious player, quickly becoming my go to person in the band when issues arose.  She accurately transcribed the overwhelming portion of the drum charts for the show and prepared numerous playing styles. If Annie is on your team you will have someone who puts in 100% start to finish and, in my book, that’s a great person to have on the team."


Nathan Dawe

Musical Director & Arranger - Love Me Tinder

"She has been a pleasure to work with at the ACM and she has a very natural ability with the kit. Cherry has such a professional work ethic and mature approach to all aspects of the industry. She is certainly a drummer to look out for in the future"


Toby Drummond, Freelance Drummer

Drum Student (8):


Cherry is such a fabulous teacher - the child is the absolute focus - she is warm, approachable, makes the lessons fun but also skilled in her music and in the way she teaches. She is enthusiastic but provides challengers - pushing your child to achieve in a positive way - my daughter never complains about doing her drums ‘homework’. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Cherry."

Nicola, mother of student

"Cherry is great to work with- very professional, always 110% prepared and willing to try new things and share musical ideas in rehearsals. She's got great time and feel. I love sharing the stage with her!"

Robyn Brown, Freelance Bassist / Cruise ships / Cabaret

"Cherry's drumming is a feast for the ears, while the way she delivers her emotive beats is a visual treat."

   -- Ace,

   Skunk Anansie

Drum Student:

"Each of my lessons with Cherry have been inspiring, informative and an absolute blast. Her ability to understand and deal with the problems I encountered as a student were second to none. Her solutions and suggestions were always appropriate to the issue at hand. Her guidance and support has allowed me to develop creatively and instilled a confidence in me that I wouldn't have otherwise had."

Ivor (32)

"Cherry is a committed musician with a professional attitude and lots of self-drive. She is a very capable drummer, and has had an impressive portfolio of events over the past year with the excellent band Mardhys. She also has a special interest in community music, teaching and a therapeutic approach in education."

Kaya Herstad-Carney

Threshold Festival Director

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